SSF can efficiently meet its clients' needs by immediately and actively dealing with any unexpected events 24/7/365. Reliable information is available in real-time through the use of digital solutions (SSF Locator and SSF Locate Me), combined with the Security Operation Center (SOC) of Scutum, the single shareholder of SSF, and the prompt handling of an incident by a designated security manager, which subsequently make it possible to make crisis management decisions according to jointly defined procedures, validated by the client.

In order to offer such services, SSF is developing its own Security Operation Center (SOC), which can immediately process all sudden events 24/7/365 once an alert is received from its team of analysts.As soon as an alert is issued it is sent to the active SOC of the Scutum Group. Any potentially affected users are contacted via SSF Locator, which displays in real-time the impact zone of the client and an initial summary of the situation is dispatched to the client as soon as possible. The security manager and the SOC are responsible for handling all information in the long-term until the situation is finally resolved.

The joint project, which combines the skills of both Scutum and SSF, will be operational from January 2017. Therefore, SOC operators from Scutum’s sites in Saint-Etienne du Rouvray and Toulouse will receive training in SOC procedures before the end of 2016. The SOC security managers with the necessary skills and experience in crisis resolution in complex situations, in France and abroad, as well as in both public institutions and private companies, will strengthen the SSF lead team, which is already providing such services.

Therefore, clients using SSF Locator will be able to make the most of permanent support in the management of unforeseen security incidents, under the supervision of SSF experts, who are experienced in working in difficult emergency situations in stressful conditions.

The client can choose whether its wants to deal with the crisis itself, or delegate the management to SSF. Recorded exchanges and defined procedures provide the basis for an incident report after each SOC intervention, followed by an experience summary in order to continually improve procedure.