SSF Locator

SSF Locator is a risk management tool aimed at helping companies make decisions on an international level, with regards to their security requirements, through:

prevention and information for business travellers;

the creation of a traveller tracker solution;

communication with travellers in the event of a major security incident.

The solution, accessible 24/7 via an online portal in both French and English, is based on data automatically uploaded from travel agencies and/or manually entered by the traveller. SSF Locator provides employers with a global view of their employees’ movements and allows them to communicate with each other via email and/or text message.

SSF Locator adapts to the needs of companies through its flexible configuration. The solution allows designated users to personalise their own settings, send messages to travellers, carry out precise searches through different criteria, allocate pseudonyms and directly approve the travel plans of employees, via the device itself and by email, depending on the risk level attributed by their employer to their destination country.

As for the travellers, as soon as their reservation is made they receive a security memo, which can be personalised in its entirety by the company, giving them access to all necessary information to ensure their trip goes smoothly. In the memo, employees can read about security advice depending on the risk level of their destination country, the overall safety situation and any other information that could be useful during their trip.

SSF Locator has been developed internally by SSF thanks to its own acquired crisis management experience and the technological know-how of its single shareholder, the Scutum Group, which securely hosts the tracking solution within its own premises in France.