SSF Global Solutions

SSF Locate Me is a GPS geolocation system available as a mobile phone app, which can be used independently or in addition to the SSF Locator solution.

The app, available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is primarily based on three functions: a mobile phone, a management interface and notifications sent to executives.

The mobile phone app

Employees on business trips equipped with SSF Locate Me can use their smartphones to:

Send their position;

Activate auto-tracking;

Send a medical SOS;

Send a security SOS;

The notifications are dispatched via the phone data or by text message in fail-safe mode.

Management interface

A monitoring interface makes it possible for company executives to follow potential locations transmitted by employees, their itineraries, but also how fast they are moving.


All notifications are sent to people designated by the company via email and/or text message, each time an employee enters a location or sends an SOS.