Scutum Group

The Scutum Group is a European company providing safety and security solutions to companies. The Scutum Group is the top, family-held, French company with regards to remote surveillance and teleservices providing protection for private and public sites within mainland France. With a turnover of 145 million Euros, the Scutum Group offers security solutions over different markets:

• Safety and security advice and guidance (SSF);

• Transition management in the defence and aviation/aerospace industries (Satif);

• Electronic solutions for commercial and industrial companies (Scutum in France, Inform Solutions in Germany, Ceulemans Security in Belgium, Orion Security and Yeoman in the United Kingdom;

• Security for financial institutions and banks (Scutum Banque);

• Solutions to render sensitive and strategic sites secure (Egide, a company accredited by the French state as "Secret Defense");

• Protection of private property (Gastinne);

• Remote monitoring for dependant persons (Custos);

• Fire safety for industrial companies.

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