The SSF E-learning platform is available to all employees planning to travel abroad for professional reasons. Our modules are available in both French and English. Participants learn about appropriate attitudes to adopt during international business trips especially in low-risk countries, substantial risk countries and high-risk countries.

Each module includes a training section (introductory video, advisory video, recap information, possible links to outside content, etc.), themed quizzes (optional introductory quiz, end-of-module quiz) and an automatic analysis of answers

7 key points of the SSF E-learning platform:

• Training and information programmes available to an unlimited audience;

• Individual nominative access (possible intranet link) or grouped training campaigns (100% managed by SSF);

• Centred on short and effective videos (4-5 minutes, embedded images, animations…);

• Possibility to personalise content;

• The learner can download content to their account or view external information;

• Full training report;

• Possibility to create tailor-made content (subject to quotation)