Specific analyses

The information and analysis department at SSF is regularly called upon by our clients for additional safety and security information targeting a specific region, country, city, or even based on a particular subject. The production format is decided in advance: from the creation of one-off information files to analytical reports supported by field investigations, in addition to periodical situation assessments, SSF is capable of providing all kinds of services for specific information.

The SSF information department respond to both individual requests and timetabled operations (twice-weekly, weekly, twice-monthly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly reports etc.).

Situation-monitoring reports
Situation-monitoring reports enable readers to be kept informed, in a concise manner, about current developments in countries where the client is present and/or has interests.

There are 3 different forms of such reports:
one-off reports, rapid response (under 24 hours) by email to a highly specific question concerning current events;

fixed-schedule reports (twice-monthly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly), including, on one side, diagrams illustrating the immediate nature of risks and their development, and on the other, 3 scenarios to be expected (best, likely and worst);

regular reports (weekly or daily), one-page information following important events of a crisis, in order to give readers the opportunity to deliberate and make decisions.

Analytical Reports
Drafted upon request, our analytical reports are an in-depth study into a country, a region or the environment of future projects.

In addition to political, social and security issues, the analytical reports can target the business world, but also key role-players (companies, partners, people etc.) in order to provide the client with extra information.

Such studies can also include, upon request, maps highlighting connections or common interests of the different role-players.