Since 18 years, Scutum Security First is one of the major intervener for advisoring and accompaning companies and collaborators on international fields.


SSF Locator, crisis management montoring tool, allows the companies to locate their collaborators on movement abroad and facilitate communications anytime.


An SSF E-learning platform setup to all the authorized collaborators brought to make business travels abroad.

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Immediate process from SSF alert reception, availability 24/7/365. From client needs, possible crisis management monitoring delegation.

Georgia country - 25/01/2020 18:22 - Tbilisi: demonstration at the call of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia 26 January – Disruptions to be expected | Hong Kong - 25/01/2020 16:57 - Mong Kok: clashes between security forces and pro-democracy demonstrators around Langham Place - Avoid the area
| World - 25/01/2020 16:28 - New coronavirus (2019-n-Cov): suspension of all travel in China and abroad by Chinese travel companies as of 27 January - Hong Kong: public health emergency declared - At least 41 deaths reported in mainland China |

Scutum Security First

Established in 2000, Scutum Security First (SSF) is a security company specialized in risk management and prevention for international businesses. SSF is a leading provider of security and safety information, as well as digital travel tracking products. With its worldwide network of correspondents, SSF offers global security solutions to companies, including assistance to expatriates and travelers.

SSF works with numerous large French and European companies, and is also a major partner of the travel industry, partnering with tour operators and travel agencies. Originally created as Sécurité Sans Frontières, SSF kept its famous acronym when it became Scutum Security First on October 5, 2011.

Focus Services

SSF E-Learning

The SSF E-learning platform is available to all employees planning to travel abroad for professional reasons...

SSF Locator

SSF Locator is a risk management tool aimed at helping companies make decisions on an international level, with regards to their security requirements...